Legend of the Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka

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The legend of the nine men of Ashoka constitutes yet another secret-society story. The organisation was allegedly created over 2 millennia ago in India, under the rule of Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. The group has stood the test of time, some say, and the members are thought to be extremely influential and resourceful, holding the secrets of science and other fields of knowledge. It is even affirmed that, together, they form the most powerful secret society on Earth.


Who was Ashoka?

History knows Ashoka as a great Indian emperor, sprouted from the Maurya Dynasty. He had most of the regions around India under his control from c.268 to 232 BCE. He is said to have gone from being a cruel king to a Buddhist-convert king. But, before embracing the religion of Buddha, Ashoka had to deal with a war that broke out between his faction and the Kalingan who resisted imperialism; the former came out victorious, but to the detriment of the population as thousands and thousands of people were killed. This caused Ashoka to renounce practices of war, and take to Buddhism.

The Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka

In his attempts to achieve and maintain peace, Ashoka set out to protect knowledge. He allegedly deemed it necessary to keep intelligent, quick-witted men from using their talents to spread evil. Therefore, he gathered nine of the most intelligent men in India with the purpose of gleaning and preserving knowledge. This group became known as the Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka.

nine secret men of Ashoka

However, while Ashoka did really exist, the matter of his nine special men remains blurry: no evidence actually points at their existence. But, then, believers in the myths might argue that this is only because the secret society of the nine unknown men is what it is: a secret society, not to be known by others.

Is the 9 unknown men really a conspiracy?

According to legend, the nine men would anonymously carry on with the task of gathering knowledge about nature and technology; they would study, and develop new theories. This wealth of information would stay away from unwanted hands while the men themselves never had their identities disclosed. Each of the nine had to keep a book recording his knowledge. When one of them would retire, a successor would be chosen such that the secret society would always include nine men. This went on, and legend has it that the tradition still lives on.

nine unknown men of Ashoka

The 9 unknown men of Ashoka can manipulate worldwide politics and event?

Eventually, rumours started flooding about how India has a secret organisation 2000-years-old, and how the nine men hold incredible knowledge in their minds such that they can manipulate worldwide politics and societies.

Those indulging in conspiracy theories will surely find all of this credible. However, this remains a legend mostly. Otherwise, even if Ashoka did call for nine wise men to gather knowledge, it wouldn’t be shocking as such was the practice of many a ruler of the past.


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